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"Я хочу проехать через всю Германию."

Translation:I want to drive across all of Germany.

April 16, 2016



I want to drive through all Germany - why is this wrong?


And even if it was wrong, what does it matter when it comes to learning the Russian language?! I did the same mistake.


In English, we sometimes say all OF something/noun. We say "He ate all of the pizza," and not "He ate all pizza." Keep in mind, though, English grammar is very inconsistent.


-Soviet T-34 Crewman after reaching Berlin


Why is it specifically "drive" here? Couldn't it be by train? Plane?

I put down "travel" because it's not clear what type of vehicle I'd be using but clearly that's not quite right.

[deactivated user]

    It can't be by plane since the plane doesn't go «че́рез Герма́нию», it goes «над Герма́нией». But train works.


    Drive = you behind the wheel. If i am right, it most likely means "by car/motorcycle/bicycle". But in russian "проехать" = it doesn't matter who behind the wheel and by what transport you are going to travel (except plane)


    "I want to drive all across Germany" wasn't accepted


    I swear I have switched my translation of через between 'through' and 'across' on each exercise in this topic for and each time it marks my answer wrong and shows the other translation.


    1) I want to drive all across Germany 2) I want to drive across all of Germany The meaning of 1) & 2) above are synonymous but good old duolingo doesn't think so..... When will duolingo ever learn?


    I do not understand when we use пройти проехать?


    A native speaker can correct me but I believe пройти is on foot, проехать is by vehicle.


    Not only by vehicle. By train, by bycicle etc. Not on foot and by plane


    I want to drive across all of Germany means traversing from one side to the other (i.e. east to west or north to south). I want to drive through all of Germany or all around Germany could mean exploring the entire country.


    My answer was 'I want to travel across the whole of Germany'. Struggling to see why it was considered wrong, but, looking down through the posts, I see others are in the same predicament. For the record, the 'correct' answer is not something any English speaker would ever actually say.


    I wrote "I wan to drive all around Germany" but it was marked incorrect. Is there a difference?


    Я хочу проехать(ся) по всей Германии.


    what's wrong with: "I want to drive through the whole of Germany?" Infuriating corrections sometimes!!!!


    So what's wrong with: "I want to go across the whole of Germany"? This site is unusable!!


    So "I want to go across all of Germany" is wrong is it? Unusable site!!!

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