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  5. "Próbuję rozmawiać!"

"Próbuję rozmawiać!"

Translation:I am trying to talk!

April 16, 2016



Seems like the verb 'to try' is similar in many languages


This one will come in handy in conversation with my future Polish wife.


You can try, but you won't succeed. Trust me :D


The boss would like to speak to you, speak slowly, I can't understand you when you speak Polish etc. I believe it's more formal than talk here.


Yes it can be used formally but also very informally:

  • "Son, speak up!"
  • "Hey!!! Who spoke?? I heard you.."
  • "Speak here into the mic"


I am trying to speak would also fit the bill as it is more often used talk.


It's accepted.

Is 'speak' used often for having a conversation?


Yes. I would in fact label it just as common as "talk" in this context. For example, if you're really irritated with somebody:

"AHEM, who told you you could speak?? I'm trying to talk here and no one is letting me!"


But its 'rozmawiać', not 'mówić'; so its more like 'I'm trying to talk to you, stop walking away' than 'Im trying to speak, please be quiet'. The sentence speaker wants to have a two way conversation, if i understand correctly, not simply to say something.


Two-way conversation - sure, but my first interpretation would be that I am trying to speak to X, while Y is being loud and interrupts me, so I'm saying this line to Y.

I think that if it was the "stop walking away" interpretation, I'd say "Próbuję porozmawiać" (I'm trying to have a talk?) or even "Chcę porozmawiać". This "po-" prefix is hard to explain, but it goes in the direction of 'to do a bit of something'.


I hear you speaking and I concur. Talk about getting confused if you don't speak English, when you wish to talk to someone who does/


That's any married man when his sister in law comes to visit his wife. An exercise in futility.

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