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  5. "It is Tuesday today."

"It is Tuesday today."

Translation:Сьогодні вівторок.

April 16, 2016



Це вівторок сьогодні?

[deactivated user]

    It sounds very unnatural.

    In the English sentence, «it» is a dummy pronoun. It doesn't refer to anything in particular.


    • It is a cat. — 'it' refers to the cat, it references something in real life (we could replace it with some noun: 'The animal is a cat'). Here, 'it' is a normal pronoun.
    • It is Tuesday. — 'it' doesn't refer to anything (there is no thing it references, we can't replace it with anything; it's there just because 'Tuesday is' is ungrammatical in English). Here, 'it' is a dummy pronoun.

    Ukrainian doesn't use dummy pronouns. «Це» is only used when it's a normal pronoun referencing something.

    Technically you could make up a context when 'It is Tuesday today' is not a dummy pronoun (e.g. I've decided to learn one word every day. It is Tuesday today. — here, 'it' refers to 'word', 'Today, the word of the day is Tuesday' — in this context it could be translated «Це вівторок сьогодні»), but such contexts are very rare.


    Thanks so you only use "Це" when you don't have another noun in the nominative that is also the object?

    [deactivated user]

      Sorry, I don't understand your question. The sentence "It is Tuesday today" has no objects.


      In Ukrainian it sounds "today is Tuesday" - сьогодні вівторок. This is the only possible structure.

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