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  5. "I want to go to my garden!"

"I want to go to my garden!"

Translation:Je veux aller dans mon jardin !

January 23, 2013



Why can't A (with accent grave) be used instead of dans?


I would like to know as well


"Je veux aller a mon jardin"......is this wrong??


In conversational French, is allez and aller really spoken the same way as allez? Its really frustrating to "speak what you hear" sometimes in this program. Can someone expound on this?


Usually, you hear the conjugated verb first, then the infinitive one (if any)

I do believe allez and aller sound the same, I am not a native though, so I'm not sure about it.

Just need to train your ears and know the basic rules of sentence constructing, then you should be fine :)


Madam, allez is not accepted here(grammatically incorrect


allez and aller are pronounced the same. The final r of aller is never pronounced. When verbs are strung together, only the first one is conjugated, the others are infinitives. So it would have to be "je veux aller", not "je veux allez".


Any difference from using à or dans while constructing this sentence?

I used à, and was accepted, but another solution showed dans can be used as well.


Why not "Je veux aller á mon jardin !" Á instead of dans? Merci.


They're both fine, "dans" is just more natural

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