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  5. "Час думати про кар'єру."

"Час думати про кар'єру."

Translation:It is time to think about a career.

April 16, 2016



An article is unnecessary, "career" is an abstract noun


Are you sure?

I added "my career" and "your career" as options, because I think it's pretty common to not say pronouns in this sentence in Ukrainian, "my" and "your" being understood from the context.

But "Think about career" without any article?.. That seems wrong... Could you provide any examples?


“My” and “your” career are definitely good.


...to think about career is not quite wrong, but defintely very unusual and sounds slightly foreign. Accepting it will only mislead learners of English. Unfortunately, some non-native speakers consult their list of "rules" and come up with unhelpful suggestions like this. What's sad is their trying to teach English to others, when their experience of English is too limited for that.


career is a countable noun so it needs a determiner.

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