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  5. "I do not love this woman."

"I do not love this woman."

Translation:Nie kocham tej kobiety.

April 16, 2016



Why is, Ja nie kocham tą kobietą. Marked incorrect?


If I remember right, ta is nominative form and we for some reason need genitive form here. Apparently what you love is not (ackusative) object as I think is in germanic languages but something you own in polish language. Hmmm... Ah wait it is the negation that makes it genitive instead of ackusative.


I don't agree with this. Ta is the feminine form of this


OK, so yes, "ta" is the feminine form of "this". But then you have cases.

"kochać" (to love) takes Accusative. "Ja kocham tę kobietę".

If you negate a verb that took Accusative, it takes Genitive instead. "Ja nie kocham tej kobiety".


is kobiety accusative or genitive of kobieta?


It is singular genitive of "kobieta"- woman

but also Plural nominative=accusative=vocative - women

In this sentence it is singular genitive, you need genitive after "nie kocham", (in negation accusative changes to genitive)


is not y also the ending for plural? why use the same ending for different meanings? how confusing!


For most feminine nouns, Genitive singular will be identical to Nominative plural.

As for 'different endings for different meanings'... Well, we just know what the given ending is, we do not think that "oh, this one will be identical to that one". To us, they are 'different endings that just happen to be identical' ;) But for a learner, I believe that's actually helpful to have some rules showing which ones are identical.


Why can't I say, "Ja tej kobiety nie kocham" ?

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