Chrome on Linux

When doing timed practice, I often have the page freeze and receive a sigsegv error from Chrome. I use a Debian based distro (xUbuntu), and it wants to report it, but of course its a Google Chrome issue, not an Ubuntu issue, so nothing to report. I have also tried Chrome (not beta). Any others with experience with this?

January 14, 2014


I used Duolingo with Xubuntu 12.04 (64bits, if I remember properly) in the past, both with Firefox and Chromium (not Chrome, but the open source version). I encountered no crashing. The only problem is that I cannot do the exercises that require a microphone, as my flash applet doesn't load properly.

thanks. I also have no problems with Firefox or Chromium other than microphone. Maybe I should just go back to Chromium. :)

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