"Dych chi wedi gwisgo?"

Translation:Are you dressed?

April 16, 2016

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Gwisgo comes ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *wes- (to dress), of which some of the best known descendants are English wear and Latin vestis ("garment", source of English vest, vestment and vesture, and Romance vestir/vêtir/vestire, "to wear", and vestido/vestito/vestit, "dress"). A much more complete family tree of the word in https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Reconstruction:Proto-Indo-European/wes-


Is 'did you get dressed' a good translation?


No, that would use a different tense, the simple past:

  • Rwyt ti wedi bwyta - 'You have eaten' (the present perfect tense)
  • Bwytaist ti - 'You ate' or 'You did eat' (the simple past tense)

This is explained in the notes for this section 'PastWedi'.


That is helpful, thank you.


There is a difference between "Are you dressed?" (the words available to choose from) and "Have you got dressed?" (the hover gloss)


In Welsh they're just the same phrase.


So, "wedi" means that the sentence is complete tence? I've learned "wedi blino" means "being tired" in other lesson, so I'm bit confused. Is there any notes that explains this?


That's right, wedi makes something completed ("perfective" in grammar terms). That means:

Dw i'n ... = "I ..." or "I am ...ing"

Dw i wedi ... = "I have ...ed"

So if blino means "get tired":

Dw i'n blino = "I get tired" or "I am getting tired"

Dw i wedi blino = "I have got tired" (which is how we say "I am tired" in Welsh)

Some more examples:

cerdded "walk"

Dw i'n cerdded = "I walk" or "I am walking"

Dw i wedi cerdded = "I have walked"

gweithio "work"

Dw i'n gweithio = "I work" or "I am working"

Dw i wedi gweithio = "I have worked"

ymddeol "retire"

Dw i'n ymddeol = "I retire" or "I am retiring"

Dw i wedi ymddeol = "I have retired" (or "I am retired")

gwisgo "get dressed"

Dw i'n gwisgo = "I get dressed" or "I am getting dressed"

Dw i wedi gwisgo = "I have got dressed" (or "I am dressed")

Can you see how it works?


Oh, this explains so much! Diolch


What is the Welsh for 'Have you dressed yet?', since that was marked wrong.


‘Dych chi wedi gwisgo eto?’


Thanks for your help.


Is 'Dach chi wedi gwisgo?' correct, too?


Yes. I assume it’s accepted too but if not please submit it.

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