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"I am eating an apple and drinking tea."

Translation:Jem jabłko i piję herbatę.

April 16, 2016



Often personal pronouns are dropped in Polish, since the verb already tells you which person it is. Therefore „ja jem” and „jem” means pretty much the same thing.


*ja, ty, my, wy. You cannot drop on, ona, ono, oni, one, because you cannot tell gender from the verb itself in present tense.


Of course you can, if the context itself can tell you who you are referring to. Third person pronouns carry additional information, but once it is no longer needed, you can discard them.


When do I use herbatę and herbata? Pies and Psem? It is confusing


herbata, pies - the Nominative case. The basic form of the noun, used mostly for the subject of the sentence.

herbatę, psa - the Accusative case, used mostly for the direct object of the sentence.

herbatą, psem - the Instrumental case, used mostly after "z" ("with") and in sentences built like "Lassie jest psem" ("Lassie is a dog").


Is i not pronounced in pije? to me it sounds like [p'je] (actually it sounds exactly the same in Ukrainian, and somewhat alike in Russian; in both cases vowel turns to [j] sound, but in Polish I see both i and j together, so I wonder why is that.


It is pronounced and does not turn into a consonant/semivowel.


1st person = Jem, Pije ? Should not both verbs end with "m" in 1st person an with "e" in 3rd person ? Is there an exception for side sentences ? Ja jem. Ja pijem. Ja jem i pije.


There are several conjugation patterns, most commonly 1st person singular ends with -am or -ę and 3rd person singular in -a or -e.


Thanks. I was stupid. I was using the word bank and I did not mention is was "ę", not "e". Now it makes sense.


Both sentences are correct. So why is it wrong to start the sentence with ja


It's not wrong, it's correct, it should have worked. Unless of course you made a mistake somewhere else.

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