"She puts her coat on."

Translation:Elle met son manteau.

January 23, 2013

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difference between son and sa?


More specifically, which you use depends on the gender of what you are talking about, UNLIKE in English where it depends on the gender of the person (his/her). For example, "son manteau" here, since manteau is masculine, while "sa pomme" would be used because pomme is feminine.

The exception is in front of a vowel or mute-h. Then the masculine is used, to avoid having two vowels next to each other. For example "son orange" is used despite orange being feminine, in order to keep the flow and to sound nicer.


manteau is masculine so use son


"Son" is masculine and "sa" is feminine.


Both mean 'his' or 'her', doesnt matter whether the person is a he or a she. Son is always used for masculine nouns and all nouns that start with a vowel. Sa is used for feminine nouns begginning with a consonant


Why is this not reflexive? "Elle se met son manteau"


It's not reflexive because the verb "mettre" isn't a reflexive verb! It is an idiomatic pronominal verb however, which means that while "mettre" means "to place, to put", "se mettre à" means "to begin to". For a more thorough understanding of pronominal verbs (including reflexive verbs), I recommend taking a look at this website: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/pronominalverbs.htm


Because it already has a direct object?

(I'm not sure!)


Why not "Elle porte son manteau."?


That would be the answer if the question asked for "She wears her coat." But for this one mettre is used because it specifically asked for the translation for "She puts..."


How would you translate she put her coat DOWN rather than on?


I believe it would be "Elle pose son manteau." "She puts her coat down." is another way of saying "She puts down her coat."


Really? "Elle se met le manteau" is wrong?


That would be 'she put the coat on herself' rather than 'she put on her coat'


Right. "Se metre" is reflexive. Apparently it means something different.

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