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Somehow my Double or Nothing stopped working....

I "bought" a double or nothing about a week ago, and I have been practicing every day but somehow my score shows 0-7 days. If it was really 0-7 days then I would have lost my wager long ago and been able to buy another one, right? But instead it keeps it like that: I can't buy another one, but I am at 0-7 days when I have been working every day. Not really sure how to fix this... Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do to fix it?

January 14, 2014



Sorry about that! I have replaced 15 lingots in your account 10 for the wager and 5 for the store item. Please try getting the wager again. Thank you so much for your patience!


Yup, it worked! Thank you again!


This is a known bug. In the meantime, we have a way to fix this for your account and will do so now.


Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks for replying so fast and thanks for knowing what to do with the bug! :D

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