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Is it possible to skip sections?

As I am using Duolingo to complement my French classes in high school, I would really like to be able skip to the relevant sections whenever we begin a new unit in class. However the track system is preventing me from doing this and insisting that I work from the beginning. I understand that the track system is designed so that beginners can progress through sections of gradual difficulty. However this can be frustrating for those who are seeking to improve their French in specific areas (sport, food etc). A good solution would be to keep the track system, but allow the user to skip as long as they are warned about the assumed knowledge required in each section.

January 23, 2013



When you are looking at the 'tech tree' style groups of lessons, scroll down and you will find a key-hole looking section marker. You can pass that to skip all of those sections.

Also in the section, when you are looking at each individual lesson including the 'real world translation' sections, look to the top right. You have 3 opportunities to pass a lesson that combines all the vocab and what-not from those lessons in that section. If you succeed, you master that section.

Hope this makes sense and helps.


I understand how that works, but I would like to have greater flexibility by being able to skip individual sections.

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