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"Моя младшая сестра сделала все упражнения и легла спать."

Translation:My little sister did all of the exercises and went to bed.

April 16, 2016



In natural English 'all the exercises' is fine


Can упражнение mean physical exercises (10 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, etc.) as well as written or verbal exercises?


Isnt младшая - younger? Why little


Your little sibling is a sibling who is younger than you, so in this case it is synonymous in English (just like your "big" or "bigger" sibling is one that is older than you). Either version should be accepted here.


I agree, either should work. I wonder though, If I the interest of memorizing the difference between younger and little sister, we should be firm between the difference


In another exercise, "little" was not accepted. One comment suggested that the younger sister may be an adult not much younger than you and in that case she is not considered little.


You could possible have a skinny or fat sister; in that sense, one would be the little sister. тощая сестра или толстая сестра


I put "all" the exercises instead of "all of" the exercises and my response was not accepted.


There was the answer already done - no work to do.


Yes, it happens quite often to me in the app.

[deactivated user]

    Shouldnt it be всё and not все? She even pronounces it as всё so I dont get why its written differently


    Всё is neuter singular, все is plural (it can also mean "everyone"). Упражнения is plural (exercises), so it requires the use of все.

    The audio kind of swallows the end of the все - the ё you're hearing is actually the у from the following word.


    does exercise need to be pluralized


    Also wondering about this


    It should be plural in English since it is plural in Russian which indicates there were multiple exercises and she did all of them.


    Why does Duo use все and not всё?


    Why сделала instead of делала? Google translate says сделала is "make" and делала is "did."


    сделать is the perfective form of де́лать, which is imperfective.


    Perfective form—means she completed them.


    I only used the word 'the' in my translation because it was there among the multiple choice words, even though the sentence felt just as natural to me without it - I've learnt the hard way on DL's multiple-choice questions that if such a word is included in the options, they nearly always want you to use it, even if the English sentence would be equally correct without it!


    Just to clarify, весь/вся/всё/все is followed by the nominative case when not referring to a span of time (like всю ночь), is that correct?


    Well, yes and no. весь/вся/всё/все is the nominative form of that word which is basically an adjective. Adjectives in Russian decline with case, number and gender of the nouns they modify. So like you see, всю ночь is actually accusative (ночь is feminine, всю is the accusative form of вся).


    Could this also be translated as "My little sister has done all of the exercises and gone to bed"? If not, how would that be said differently? Duo rejected it.


    Why is 'My sister did all the exercises and went to bed.' not acceptable, Duolingo?!? Effing picky as eff to not even consider that it could be 'another possible solution'! Duolingo is very inconsistent on what gets a pass and what gets dinged.


    You didn't translate младшая


    Why not "homework" instead of "exercises"


    Since there is the word of, why then is exercises not in Genitive Plural? Thanks!

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