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"Tu verras bientôt que j'ai raison."

Translation:You will soon see that I am right.

January 23, 2013



i think they should also accept "you'll see soon that i have reason".


Don't think so... that French sentence means "to be right/correct". "I have reason" is not even English except if followed to a "to" phrase, i.e., "I have reason to believe you are lying".

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The expression, "avoir raison", is viewed as a single translation unit which means "to be right". If you try to translate it word-by-word, its meaning is lost. This should not be confused with "having a reason" or a "reason to believe", etc.


i think that j'ai raison = je suis correct is it right?


I am right = J'ai raison

Je suis correct does not mean "I am right" but something like "I am proper / polite" :)


Tu verra bientôt que j'aie raison. What's wrong?

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