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No weekly progress

Has anyone noticed that the weekly progress chart has stopped showing your daily Skill points for the days? Or is this just something on my computer? I need to see my coin value. It is very important to my tracking ability.

January 14, 2014


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Yes, sorry I overlooked your post. Having the same problem...


Same here. Duolingo seems to have some problems this evening, I hope it's temporary. You can still see your (total) coin value by clicking on "View my profile". (It's 2515 at the moment.)


I'm having this problem too. Duolingo wouldn't load earlier and was telling me that the site was under maintenance. Since then it has been very slow and crashed before giving me my points for a skill that I had just learned. It seems to be better now, though. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.


I am having the same problem. This morning I resumed a logged-in session and worked on Russian for English Speakers. I even was awarded a lingot, besides regular points. However, after 40-60 coins worth of activity, when I checked my progress no coins showed at all on my weekly progress chart--none for all previous days, and none for today. I'm about to reboot, hoping this will help.

[Added] I logged out of duolingo and back in, cleared the cache (but not cookies) and restarted the Chrome web browser, rebooted the computer, but the coins still do not show. However, they are being at least counted, as there were to notes on my "stream" about them.

Anything I can do to help debug I'd be glad to do.


It's back! I just checked it today and found that it had returned. Yay!

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