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  5. "No, I don't have a car."

"No, I don't have a car."

Translation:Nac oes, does dim car gyda fi.

April 17, 2016



In some other sentences that begin with the contruction rhaid i fi ..., the pronoun mi  is alternatively used in place of fi , as a northern variant (e.g. rhaid i mi ... ).
In this sentence I tried using gyda mi  in place of gyda fi , but it did not work.
So, can mi  be used only with rhaid , or am I missing something?


gyda fi is the correct form - gyda causes an aspirate mutation, not a soft mutation, so fi does not change.

Both i fi and i mi are widely used in writing. i fi is perhaps more commonly spoken, but you will hear i mi as well.

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'Gyda fi' is an exclusively South Wales variant and 'mi' is not used there.

In North wales the pattern uses variations on 'gan' and the first person of this is 'gen i'

So for a simple sentence 'I have a car'

SW = 'Mae car gyda fi'

NW = 'Mae car gen i', although spoken Welsh in the North tends to alter the word order here to = 'Mae gen i gar'


Thanks a lot to both of you for the detailed explanation.
Now everything is clear.


Why can't I use "Nac ydy" and "dydy" here?


Not here. oes is used for the existence, or not, of things.

  • Oes tŷ yno? Oes, Tŷ Pentywn - Is there a house there? Yes, Tŷ Pentwyn.
  • Oes cath gyda nhw? Nac oes - Do they have a cat? No, they don't. (Is there a cat with them?...)
  • Oes tre fawr yn yr ardal? Oes, Aberystwyth - Is there a large town in the area? Yes, Aberystwyth.


Is there an affirmative version of oes? Or do you just use mae?

  • Oes cath gyda nhw?
  • Oes, ___ cath gyda nhw.


Good point! Yes:

  • Oes cath gyda nhw? Oes, mae cath gyda nhw.
  • Oes cath gyda nhw? Nac oes, does dim cath gyda nhw.


What is the purpose of 'does' in this sentence. From what I understand 'gyda fi' is saying that I have something and 'ddim' is used for negatives. What is 'does dim' (are dim and ddim the same thing)?


This is explained in the Notes for this section of the course.

Does dim... means 'there is/are no...':

  • Does dim car yn y garej - There is no car in the garage
  • Does dim siop fara yn y pentre - There is no bread shop in the village
  • Does dim cath gyda nhw - (there is no cat with them) = They do not have a cat


Yes, but I was wondering about the break down and specifically 'does'

  • does - there is not (a contraction of nid oes, where nid is a negative particle)
  • dim - any (in this particular context)


  • does dim... - 'there isn't any...' or 'there is no...'


Why is this "fi" instead of "fy"?


fy means 'my':

  • Mae fy nghar yn las - My car is blue

fi means 'me' or sometimes 'I':

  • Mae car glas gyda fi - I have a blue car

See the notes for the section on 'Possession' for a fuller explanation of how to express 'I have a...'

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