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  5. "I hope that we are right."

"I hope that we are right."

Translation:Gobeithio 'n bod ni'n iawn.

April 17, 2016



Why is there a 'n after gobeithio?


A shortening of ein (our). The pronoun before the bod/mod/fod is often left out, or it may be shortened following a vowel.

  • Dw i'n gobeithio ('n/ein) bod ni'n iawn - I hope that we are right
  • Gobeithio (ei) fod e'n dod - Hopefully, he is coming
  • Gobeithio ('n/ein) bod ni'n ymadael yn fuan - Hopefully, we are leaving soon.
  • Dyn ni'n gobeithio ('ch/eich) bod chi wedi mwynhau'r ddrama - We hope that you have enjoyed the play.

In the example sentence there should be no gap between gobeithio and 'n. If it is meant to mean 'I hope...' then dw i'n gobeithio... is clearer than just gobeithio....

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