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  5. "Kiedy są wakacje?"

"Kiedy wakacje?"

Translation:When is the vacation?

April 17, 2016



Sounds like Dutch 'vakatie'


Is this like the American holidays = Christmas, or is the sentence actually referring to several different vacations?


The term mostly refers to the summer holidays/vacations, as in the 'break from school/uni'. Winter break is called "ferie zimowe" ('ferie' is usually enough), Christmas and Easter breaks would usually be called "przerwa świąteczna" or "ferie świąteczne", there are also times known as "długi weekend" (a long weekend).

"wakacje" is also used for a trip that you take, espacially during the summer. "urlop" can also be used, but it technically means time off from your job.


How about When are your holidays? Context allows the possessive to be dropped, is that right?


Not here, really. "Wakacje" is a set period of time common for all schools. It isn't about when are you actually going for your own holidays.

I mean, it can be, but not in such a vague sentence.


Hi, person whose name and picture I can't see on the app, I'm not sure I'm able to reply to your comment (about "American holidays = Christmas") on the app either, I think I might have to make a new comment.

I believe 'święta' is the Polish word that corresponds to that sense of English 'holidays' - as in the phrase 'wesołych świąt' ~ 'happy holidays (merry Christmas)' (Christmas specifically is actually 'Boże Narodzenie' (not sure if it should be capitalised) ~ something like 'God's birth' literally). Marek, please correct any of this if I seem to have misunderstood anything.


Yes, if you do mean "holy days", that's "święta" :) I'd say that for 80% "Święta" = "Christmas", and for 20% it may mean "Easter". Of course if one is coming soon, then the context makes it clear.

Nope, everything seems fine about your comment :)


There is a slight difference of usage between American and British. Can you use wakacje for a vacation that does not correspond to a summer break from school. In American usage, holiday refers to a celebration; Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc


No. Frankly, "wakacje" would rarely be even used outside of Summer vacations.


"wakacje" is a plurale tantum word, it has no singular.


bad translation, in French it would translate this way, quand sont les vacances, plural.....


The english translation is ackward

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