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Weekly progress counter set to zero

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It's Tuesday and i've definitely been practicing the last days (Spanish and French), nevertheless my weekly progress points were set the zero today for all the past days as well as for today. I do a lesson and it does not increase. Total counter on the profile page is ok (although it says +0 points this week) as well as the weekly/monthly/alltime counter in the leader's list. Thanks for your help !

January 14, 2014



Hi! This is a bug that we're getting fixed.


Should everyone's be fixed now or is it gradual, I still show no progress. Thanks


mine is still at 0 for the entire week


I just did a couple of sessions and its staying at zero :(


It does show my progress in the app though - so if you want to get a rough idea you can check there!


Still not working for me!


What did you do to make it work? Mine is still zero for every day of the week.

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Thanks a lot ! working again :-)


Although the weekly total still shows, yesterday and today's points for Spanish, French and German have disappeared. Hopefully they'll return - eventually! :-)


Same problem in Italian . . . my weekly skill points have disappeared . . . though I think the points and streak numbers are accurate . . . I've been practicing every day for 2 weeks and would hate to lose everything!


Thank you Kristinemc!

Mine reset as well, even though I have the check mark. I just earned 11 more points and I noticed when the points chart showed zero.

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No, now mine are back to zero again, as well, for both languages :-( Btw, same thing happening for the app (Android): Daily Counting chart showing a straight zero line but total counter and leaderboard ok


Same, all my days show 0 on both website and android app - yesterday all my points were showing fine.


At least I wasn't the only one.


I'm having this same problem. It started yesterday suddenly and hasn't fixed itself. Progress is indeed being monitored (XP goes up in the main screen bar), but it doesn't show in the graph.


my weekly progress is set to zero on Wednesday. This is not correct.


Today I have the same problem with my lessons. The progress points set the zero for all my all lessons. Is there any problems with the website??? If yes, please solve the problem. Thanks for your help


Reporting back that mine seems to be fixed now . . . How 'bout the rest of you? Thanks duolingo!


Phew yep mine are back as well :-)

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This is back for everyone. We shut it off for performance reasons yesterday as we were having a problem with our database. Happy learning!


Got all my points back - thanks Duo!

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