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  5. "Dych chi eisiau cyri moron?"

"Dych chi eisiau cyri moron?"

Translation:Do you want a carrot curry?

April 17, 2016



Does curry have 2 spelling variations? "cyri" and "cyrri"?

I've seen it spelt both ways, in 2 different questions now.


So even though "moron" is plural, you do not use the singular form here? Is that correct?


I'm not sure but I suspect because "moron" is modifying "cyri" here, it remains uninflected (whereas the singular "moronen" would be inflected).

"For the most part, adjectives are uninflected, though there are a few with distinct masculine/feminine or singular/plural forms." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colloquial_Welsh_morphology#Adjectives


Is -en a usual suffix for the singular when the plural doesn't end in -au?

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