"Ich male die Küche an."

Traduction :Je peins la cuisine.

April 17, 2016

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backtoschool: "Malen is artistic painting/drawing, full stop! Anstreichen/Streichen (or the verb ich "streiche an"), is to paint as in a paint/decorating job. That's why the profession of a painter/decorator is an "Anstreicher" in German. (Unfortunately most Germans call him still a painter) because Anstreicher is not very popular. Normally in English and in German only the context will tell which "painter" is meant. "Anmalen" is normally used in the sense, paint with watercolours (artistic), to black up someone or yourself mostly the face (used in theatre/stage),

to over-paint something, like a small item, except when it means yourself, it will never be used as in the sentence above.

Exemption: you ask an artist to colorize part/all of your kitchen with an artistic painting, or you are an artist and call your job artwork. If I would hear that sentence, I would ask: are you an artist/artistic painter? :-)"


Ich streiche die Küche. Der Maler streicht die Küche. Man kann die Küche auch anmalen, aber wenns gut werden soll, streicht man sie besser.


Danke für die Erklärung. :-)

(Merci pour la précision)


Dans un tel contexte (non artistique), on devrait traduire par “Je peinture la cuisine”, tandis que dans un contexte artistique on dira par exemple "Je peins une toile".


Au Canada, c'est effectivement le verbe utilisé, ailleurs on préférera peindre et pourtant ce verbe date du Moyen-Âge.


Sinon, un verbe à connaître : peinturlurer.


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