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  5. "We rest in an Italian hotel."

"We rest in an Italian hotel."

Translation:Odpoczywamy we włoskim hotelu.

April 17, 2016



'w' becomes 'we' because the next word starts with a 'w' ? (Odpoczywamy we włoskim hotelu)


kind of.

if after w or f there is another consonant we say "WE", if it is vovel , we say "W" w Warszawie, we Wrocławiu, w Finlandii, we Francji

also we is before mnie, which is exception for ze, and ode as well

also in some set phrases and before some nouns (we Lwowie- in Lvov, we śnie - in dream)


odpoczywamy w hotelu włoskim -why is it wrong?


that would be "We rest in "Włoski" hotel" or We rest in "Hotel Włoski" or sth - usually we use adjective before a noun when we just describe something. But there are many Hotels that are called this way.


Does this mean that we are staying there, or we're just having a rest there right now?


Both? We could argue that if you're in a hotel that usually means you're on holiday, so it's a rest from work ;)


Why not: "odpoczniemy we włoskim hotelu"? The english sentence does not clearly express the aspects, since it is not: "we are resting" = odpoczywamy.


The English sentence uses Present Simple, and "odpoczniemy" is Future Simple, "we will rest".

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