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  5. "A sala de estar"

"A sala de estar"

Translation:The living room

January 23, 2013



This is a horrible example, and should not be part of this exercise. "Sala de estar" means "living room," but the "estar" cannot be translated by itself in this case. It would be like translating "sitting room" to "quarto de sentar." It doesn't make sense.


One of the meanings of the preposition "de" before an infinitive verb is to tell the "usage" of something.

Creme de barbear = Shaving cream (the usage of the cream is to shave)

Quarto de dormir = Room for sleeping

Sala de estar = room for being, room to take your time, living room.


You could say it's an exception to be noted...duolingo often does this It's pretty helpful and can stop us making stupid mistakes in the future. (Remember "grass" in the section about weights and measures?)


Agree. I find it very helpful (and interesting) when duolingo does this.


I find it a good example that helps me learn the language in a broader way


I'm pretty sure this was not deliberate but to do with the bot's inner workings. I've noticed that whenever there's a question that's completely irrelevant to the lesson there will be one word in that question that is in the lesson's word list.

Presumably the bot tries to find sentences with that word, but doesn't recognise whether they are relevant or not. At least that's my theory.


What is the necessity for "estar?" in this sentence, I feel like "A Sala" would suffice for "The Living room"? no?


We prefer to say just “sala”, but this is ambiguous, sala is also the room for dinning (in some regions) and etc.


Can one just use "sala"? Or is the "de estar" necessary or more commonly used?


No idea what this is supposed to mean.


I think literally translated it amounts to something like "The room of being" or what we call "the living room".


living room, sitting room, great room, parlor. Like "living room", "sala de estar" should be viewed as all part of one word, and not broken up into individual pieces to be translated one by one.


Who knew that the Portuguese/Brazilians were so philosophical?! How very Descartes!


living-room has a hyphen in UK English


I'm from Ireland and I usually see it as two words here and in the UK, no hyphen.


Why "dining room" is not correct?


sitting room /living room / lounge =====take your pick

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