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"Beth dych chi'n gallu wneud yn eitha da?"

Translation:What are you able to do quite well?

April 17, 2016



The second 'yn', is that a kind of adverb indicator?

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Yes, it links the verb to the adverb.

[deactivated user]

    Surely you wouldn't actually say this? It's so insulting. You would likely find out that what I do "Quite well" is a right uppercut.


    The Cymraeg Duolingo course would never encourage violence! Maybe your answer could be, "A Martini, but I'd like to do it better" - something like this :P But in all seriousness, practising the sentence pattern is better than 100% rainbow and giggles sentences :P

    [deactivated user]

      I do so agree that practising the sentence pattern is important. I wasn't being serious, but REALLY........ :D

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