"The workers work for the director."

Translation:Robotnicy pracujÄ… dla dyrektorki.

April 17, 2016



How can dla take two different cases here?

April 17, 2016


what do you mean?

I assume you had mulitiple choice question? and that "for the director" was translated to "dla dyrektora" and "dla dyrektorki"

If that is what happened- both are singular genitive, but

dyrektor ( gen = acc - dyrektora) is male and
dyrektorka ( sing genitive= plural nominative= plural accusative - dyrektorki) female

April 17, 2016


In Poland would it be considered rude or insulting if these two forms were used incorrectly when speaking of a person? Would it be at all similar to using "Pan" or "Pani" inappropriately?

January 21, 2017


It's complicated. Functionally there are three forms.

For males - masculine form dyrektor, following masculine declination (you add "pan" when talking directly, or when you want to be respectful). Using other forms would be like saying "Ms" to a man.

For females:

  • dyrektorka - standard feminine noun, following feminine declination. People may consider this form disrespectful.

  • dyrektor - usually preceded by "pani", or followed by a surname, related words take feminine forms (adjectives, pronouns, verbs), the noun doesn't decline.

If the person is "hipotetical", use masculine noun with masculine forms.

So possible scenarios:

Director is unknown person : Dla dyrektora.

Director is a man: Dla (pana) dyrektora

Director is a woman:
1. Dla (pani) dyrektorki
2. Dla pani dyrektor/ Dla (pani) dyrektor Kowalskiej

January 21, 2017


This is very helpful, thank you!

February 11, 2017


Great answer Maria. I'd just add that 'dyrektor' as a job description is usually used in a masculine form, regardless whether the job is done by a guy or a girl.

November 5, 2017


So why have I just had 'dla dyrektora' rejected and given the form 'dla dyrektorki'. I can't see that one is more correct than the other, given that we have no more information.

December 8, 2018


Why can't I use "pracowniki" instead of "pracownicy"?

May 31, 2018


Because it's not a word.

June 1, 2018
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