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  5. "You know my dog."

"You know my dog."

Translation:Vous connaissez mon chien.

January 23, 2013



I used sais instead of connais and was marked wrong, was wondering why?


In french, like in spanish, sais and connais aren't interchangeable, but we have no specific equivalents in english. connaitre is used for knowing people or things, being familiar with them. Savoir is used for knowing facts, more like knowing on paper, if that makes sense? For example, you connais your mother, but you sait that she likes the color blue


that makes total sense. Thank you - I also had 'sais'.


that was my question, too. Thanks for the good answer.

[deactivated user]

    Thank you! I always struggle with savoir and connaître so this really helps!


    I get the point, but from my understanding you can use savoir in the sense that you know of a personal noun. Thus, without context, savoir should be correct too. Unless that is such a rarely used form in the language so as to discourage it's use


    Savoir=to know (as a fact) Connaître=to be familiar with (such as a person or topic, you've been introduced with it before)


    Why is vous incorrect? Is there anything about this sentence that calls for the informal "Tu" apart from the friendly nature of the phrase?

    [deactivated user]

      What was the verb that you used for "know" and how was it conjugated? I'm guessing it was that rather than the tu/vous usage? Duo wants you to use "connaître" here so you would have to say "vous connaissez" to have a correct answer.


      I wrote: Tu connais ma chien, why is it wrong?


      mon chien or ma chienne


      Because chien is male, you should have said tu connais mon chien, or if yoh have a female dog, you should have said tu connais ma chienne


      I used tu and it was marked wrong, I used connaissez, was I supposed to use connais?


      The verb connaitre conjugate to: tu--->connais, vous--->connaissez so you should have said tu connais mon chien or vous connaissez mon chien.


      Thank you as I used sais as well


      Thanks for the explanation :)


      why i used : "Vous savez mon chien." is wrong ? :P merci votre attention. :)


      I used VOUS SAVEZ MON CHIEN. Anybody can tell me why it is a wrong answer?

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