"Ten list został napisany przez mężczyznę."

Translation:This letter was written by a man.

April 17, 2016

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Would napisany mężczyzną be also correct? If so, what would be the difference in meaning?


no, no no nononononono

I will not try to imagine how you can write using a man. (instead of a pen).


Writing in the snow...


it's a good idea for a horror film about some furious giants


As I understand it, you can't avoid using "przez" if someone who does the action is a living creature.

So you can say: List został uniesiony wiatrem. And: List został uniesiony przez wiatr

But: List został napisany przez mężczyznę.

More about it here: http://sjp.pwn.pl/poradnia/haslo/miotany-falami;12502.html . There's a good example from Bible: Łódź zaś była miotana falami


would "był" work here too, instead of został? if not, whats the difference?


You need to use 'został' with perfective verbs and 'był' with imperfective verbs.


Actually, "był" works. It seems worse to me, I can't say why, but it works.


Is there any reason a Polish speaker would say "Ten list został napisany przez mężczyznę" instead of just "Ten list napisał mężczyzna"?


We're just practicing passive voice here, your second sentence sounds more likely in reality.

And I think it can be an accepted answer here. Maybe it's not passive voice, but the word order makes me think that "was written by a man" is a likely English translation. Added.

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