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"I poliziotti cercano una persona pericolosa."

Translation:The police officers search for a dangerous person.

January 14, 2014



It seems that 'cercano' is translated as 'search for' in that the 'for' necessary in English is understood in the one word?


the policemen search a dangerous person.. why not?


If they search FOR a person, they go through the city and do their best to find him. If they search a person, they have caught him already and now they check his pockets.


no, to search a dangerous person is a perfectly acceptable way to translate "cercare" as well, it is actually an older usage of the verb.


Which older usage in which language? I don't understand... "To search a dangerous person" in my opinion is the equivalent of frisking someone. when you can't find keys for example you "search FOR the keys" , you dont "search the keys". Same in Italian. Cercare would be used as in "to look for" while your translation would need to use "perquisire" in italiano, meaning to frisk someone. Hope it helps and I've been clear


Maybe "search for a dangerous person" would be more appropriate


I have the same question--still unanswered, based on the responses above. How would an Italian speaker express "The police officers search a dangerous person"? How would that phrase be different, is what I'd like to see explained. I know people say "don't use google translate"--but when I put "the policemen search a dangerous person" into GT, it kicks out "i poliziotti cercano una persona pericolosa". Can someone explain why, in this case, GT is wrong--because I'd be wrong for the same reasons, and would like to gain understanding of why.


Cercare means to look for, to search. Perquisire means to search, to frisk a person. I think (I could be wrong, I'm not a native of either language).


You're absolutely correct. I am italian and can confirm what you said.


I wrote "are seeking". I thought that was okay, but no.


Sometimes "cops" is permitted and sometimes not. Why?


The officers search for a dangerous person... Wrong because i didn't put police?


Apparently so. l got same error even if in English is common to just say officers


There is no option "person" in my question...:(


What's wrong with "cops"? Let's not be too formal here, haha

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