"What is the destination of this trip?"

Translation:Jaki jest cel tej wycieczki?

April 17, 2016

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Doesn't "cel" mean "target" or "goal" more than a physical destination?


I used 'podróż' and it was rejected . I forgot to use trip instead of journey.


Actually it works, it's "Jaki jest cel tej podróży?". "podróż" is feminine, despite ending with a consonant.

And let's add "journey" to the English answers as well.


Podróży wasn't one of the options available.


Although it was given as the answer: Jaki jest cel tej podróży?


The main answer that you definitely should be able to create was "Jaki jest cel tej wycieczki?"

"tej podróży" is an accepted option, but I am surprised that it was given as an answer to you, because it's not a BT (best translation)...


I read the comments, and still don't get the distinction between podróż and wycieczka. Journey and trip. Length or difficulty? Thanks


Length, perhaps? "podróż" sounds... like an adventure, an epic journey to the heart of darkness... I'm afraid it's hard to define the distinction, it just seems too subjective. That's also why we accept both words in both languages.


I do not understand why the instrumental case "celem" is not used here. Is it because the "A być B" construction doesn't apply if A is "jaki"?


The construction with Instrumental happens if:

a) both A and B are nouns

b) A is a personal pronoun (ja, ty, on, etc.) and B is a noun

"jaki" works in a way that is closer to an adjective. The construction doesn't apply.


does cel mean purpose eg business or pleasure, or destination I'm flying on to warsaw from here. if i was asked this in an airport what would be expected?


My first interpretation would be "purpose", but it also works for "destination". However, I think that for "destination" it would most likely be phrased differently, for example just "Dokąd pan leci?" (Where are you flying, sir?). So despite the ambiguity, I think the airport question would be rather 'business or pleasure'.

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