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"Hun har kun fremragende karakterer."

Translation:She has only excellent grades.

April 17, 2016



A note: "marks" should be accepted here as the more widespread word for grades in English (says the Dane who is English Teacher)


almost all Americans would say "grades" :)


Hello, other English-speaking countries exist, too


Here in South Africa, we speak of 'marks'. DL claims to aim its programmes at users from all over the world, so they should cater for the differences between American English and English English. Their insistence on American English is insufferable.


So do we all have to speak American now? No, thanks!


Am I right in thinking that the grades meaning of karakterer is from school grades often being given in characters?


Um, why is "She has only excellent characters" not accepted? Yeah, it's a bit weird, but then again, weird sentences are par for the course here.


Suggests excellent is not good enough


She has nothing else ? Nothing at all ? Not even underwear ?


She has only excellent character should be a possible translation unless karakterer as the plural is never used pã Dansk to describe many characters. In American English at least as person has only one character. Can a native Dansk speaker please comment on this usage?


I'm not a Dane, but I know that the Danish word "karakter" can be used in the plural in this context since it can also mean "character" in the sense of a fictional work (Mickey Mouse, Goofy are characters) and also letters can be referred to as "karakterer".

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