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  5. "We did not drink alcohol."

"We did not drink alcohol."

Translation:Nie piliśmy alkoholu.

April 17, 2016



Why would this not be: "Nie wypiliśmy alkoholu"? I thought that "Nie piliśmy alkoholu" means "We were not drinking alcohol?"


Aspect works somehow strange with "pić"/"wypić" – normally we understand "pić" in past tense as "semi-perfective", that is, you did drink some, but not the whole of the fluid; whereas "wypić" takes then the meaning of emptying the bottle/glass/container.

In other words, both the default translation and yours are correct, but will depend on the amount of alcohol(in this case) drank. ;-)


Alcohol is so general, that it's hard to say that you can "wypić" all of it - you can do that with a specific bottle, or a cup, or a glass, but here it's more like "we did not drink any alcohol".

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