"Jeszcze nie jestem artystą."

Translation:I am not an artist yet.

April 18, 2016

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How would you say "Yet I am not an artist." Any difference?


yet ="used to introduce a statement that adds something to a previous statement and usually contrasts with it in some way"?

"Jednak nie jestem artystą"

(also : ale, lecz, jednakże)


If "I still am not an artist" is accepted (which seems very clumsy grammar to me) then "Still I am not an artist" should surely be accepted.


To my understanding, putting "Still" at the beginning changes the meaning to something like "However".

The Polish sentence is like "I practice a lot but I still don't think I earned the right to call myself an artist".


To me, the natural English sentence is "I am still not an artist"


To me, 'I'm not an artist yet' sounds more optimistic and is thus closer to 'Jeszcze nie jestem artystą'.

'I am still not an artist' sounds a bit whinier and rather corresponds to 'Wciąż/nadal nie jestem artystą'.


Although I got (jeszcze) incorrect, I got artysta Totally right!


Are "wciąż" and "jeszcze" interchangeable?


They feel a little bit different, but it's really hard for me to define the difference. I think that "jeszcze" implies more strongly that something will happen, it just hasn't happened yet... but also that feel may be completely subjective.

So basically I think that they are almost interchangeable.


Is JESZCZE only used with negatives, or could you say CZY ON JEST JESZCZE ARTYSTA "is he an artist yet?"?


I think "Czy on jest jeszcze artystą?" would be "Is he still an artist?" - it's hard to show it on the example of an artist, so let's go with president: "Czy on jest jeszcze prezydentem?" = "Is he still the president?"

If I understand your English sentence correctly ('yet' was always a bit confusing to me), it should be "Czy on już jest artystą?" - it means that I ask if the moment when "he" could call himself an artist has already come.


Nice and clear - thanks!


Says every artist ever.

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