Teaching a 6 years old

Most of my students are adults, I have taught children with a curriculum so I would like to get more advise about teaching a 6 years old and maybe if you know books or websites with good materials.

Thank you

April 18, 2016


There is a lot of information at about teaching another language to a child young enough to learn it as another one of his or her native languages! :D

April 18, 2016

From my experience, children learn fast but need constant reinforcement to prevent them from becoming inhibited. Immerse your child every day if you can. If your six year old is in an English environment, for example, refuse to speak English during "class time" and be consistent. It takes a lot of persistence to keep moving things into the new language, but eventually it pays off. You didn't say if you are fluent in the target language for your child.

April 29, 2016

Don't treat them like they are an idiot.

That's my number one tip.

When I was 5, I hated when people treated me like I knew nothing and explained every little detail of every little thing to me because they assumed I knew nothing, just because I was little.

May 25, 2016
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