"These are animals."

Translation:Ce sont des animaux.

January 23, 2013

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yeah, seriously "DES" and "DU". You're costing me hearts! >:(


why is "ce sont les animaux" incorrect? What is the difference between "les" and "des", and how do I know when to use them?


"les/le/la" — are the definite articles like "the". You use it when you are pointing at a specific object. And "des/du" are the indefinite articles that are used to speak about something in general. For example:

Il y a des fruits et des animaux pres de la maison. Un cheval, un chien et un chat - ce sont les animaux. Une pomme, un citron et une peche - ce sont les fruits.

There are fruits and animals near the house. A horse, a dog and a cat - these are the animals. An apple, a lemon and a peach - those are the fruits.


Why is "des" necessary here?


because the french could not have naked nouns. all nouns should be escorted by an article.

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