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Press record to speak?

The test picked up my macbook's built in mic, but then it prompts me to "press record" and won't pick up my voice. Where do I press record??

June 9, 2012



I am having a similar issue. The Record button appears. It works most of the time, but every now and again pressing it does nothing and I need to skip the question.


I am having the same issue. Record button always appears, but doesn't always work when clicked. Chrome, OS X 10.7


Ah, I'm also using Chrome and OS X 10.7.4


For whoever needs an update, also try changing browsers. Record does not work for me in Firefox. But it works in Internet Explorer. It is most likely an outdated flash install for my Firefox. Try updating firefox or google "how update FLASH." Great feature now that it works :)

That should work, but also make sure your firewall isn't block flash or your fav browser.

Using Windows 8.

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