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  5. "I have a plate with rice."

"I have a plate with rice."

Translation:Ich habe einen Teller mit Reis.

January 23, 2013



when should it be einen vs ein or eine? I haven't used einen before this....


This sentence is in the accusative case, not nominative. In nominative, male = der/ein, neutral = das/ein and female/plural = die/eine. However, in accusative case, the male turns to den/einen. Certain verbs turn a sentence accusative, including "haben" (to have). Nehmen (to take), bestellen (to order), brauchen (to need) and others are also accusative.


der, das= ein ; die = eine


And Teller is masculine or feminine?


It is masculine "Der Teller"... at least in Germany.


I used the wrong form of ein, so it just corrected that and didn't offer other acceptable answers, but would 'Ich habe einen Teller Reis' also work, as with 'bowl (of) soup' where the 'of' is left out in German?

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