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"Meu tio navega nos finais de semana."

Translation:My uncle sails on the weekends.

January 15, 2014

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It is perfectly accept to translate this as 'at weekends'


Or just 'weekends'. But not 'ON weekends'!


(Edited considering cinthiia_mc's comment)
Even if it's allowed, we use "navega" more for ships (big ships).

For small boats or sports boats, we tend to use "andar de barco" or the name of that specific sport.


"Navega" for planes? Never heard of this. I think the most used verb for planes is "pilotar".


Surely "pilotar" is the common verb for what the pilot does.

But about the panel with its instruments, we talk about "instrumentos de navegação".


What does andar mean in this context - ride, drive (steer)? If you say andar de carro does it mean ride in, drive the car?


It's a general thing.

Andar de carro is "go by car", doesn't matter if you are driving or not.

People can "andar de ônibus" (go by bus), "andar de avião" (go by plane), "andar de cavalo" (well....that is ride a horse, or go by horse :p).


Hey Dan, what's the sense of "navigar" in this song:


"Eu vou navegar
Eu vou navegar nas ondas do mar eu vou
Navegar, eu vou navegar"

Some of the Brazilians in our bloco said "sail" wasn't quite right.


Literally, it's sail indeed.

But add a little poetry to it, then you don't have a ship, maybe your body, or just your mind is what does the "trip". Or just go with the waves....well....it's poetry.... vOv.


I got this wrong. Being British I said "at". In the UK we say AT the weekend. "On" the weekend is American. There's nothing wrong with that, but I wish Duolingo would accept both UK and US answers.


My uncle sails 'at' the weekends should be fine as well.


In the uk, "in" the weekends is not correct. "at" would be.


Interesting. I never picked up on that.

In Canada, we say "on the weekend" or "on weekends" or "on the weekends".

Not "in the weekends", which is one of Duolingo's "correct" answers.

Does anybody in the English-speaking world say that?


Second that (from the UK).


In that series, all my precious hearts are unfairly lost. "At the weekends" is perfectly correct!


At the weekend is perfectly correct. Duolingo needs to accept both British English and American English!


At should be accepted as the rules state

At is for specific times, time of the year at christmas and at weekends.

On used for days however I'm willing to accept we do something on weekend because it is natural.


The translation "My uncle sails on the weekends" is not very natural English Duo. "My Uncle sails AT weekends" would be more natural....but you could also use "My uncle sails on weekends" You have had four years to sort this!!!


In UK English we would say ’at weekends’, so this should be accepted. I have reported it.


Should be at the weekends not on the weekends.


My uncle goes sailing on weekends. My question is about "goes sailing" for "sails", (not about on/at weekends).


AT the weekend in England


How do you say "my uncle sails at the end of the week" as you would if he were in the Navy or going on a cruise?


Could the uncle sail in the weekly finals? He participates in a sailing regatta.

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