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I need help

I need help with this course if anyone can help I would be very thankful.

2 years ago



That's a very open-ended request. You're more likely to get a useful response if you explain the difficulties that you are encountering, rather than making everyone guess which piece of advice might be useful to you.

2 years ago

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As Knocksedan said, your question is very open-ended. What helped me a lot along the way however was this site called Memrise. You'll have to make an account, but it's free of charge and it's a great way to learn new vocabulary. There is even a Memrise course that teaches all the words from the Duolingo course and also explains some grammer. I'll paste the link down here:


Also, I'm certain that if you have a specific question, the community will be glad to help you with it. Good luck!

2 years ago