"Мама заботится о папе."

Translation:Mom takes care of dad.

April 18, 2016



This type of construction is a logical descendant of the ancient mediopassive voice (present in Ancient Greek or Sanskrit). If you struggle to get it, check in wiki how that mediopassive worked ;)

February 14, 2017


Thanks! I did study Ancient Greek in school, but did not connect it to this Russian form. Does BG stand for Bulgaria? В българския подобно ли е това на форми като "сещам се", "грижа се за някого" и.т.н.?


Why is it ся here? It's not about mom herself, right?

[deactivated user]

    I think in English it's sometimes possible to say "Mom concerns herself with dad". I'm not sure if the meaning is exactly the same, but the construction is similar to the Russian one.


    It's just the way of speaking about care: the reflexive verb "заботиться" + preposition "о" + noun in the prepositional case. Dad isn't a direct object in this sentence.


    As i see you are learning German too: it is the same construction in German: "Mutter kümmert sich um Vater."


    Could this mean mum cares about dad?


    Depends on what you mean by "cares". If you mean "takes care of" - like a farmer cares for his animals - then yes. If you mean in the sense of "has feelings for", then I don't think so.


    Can thia mean "Mom worries about dad"? The dictionary entry for заботиться makes it seem so.


    According to Katzner's dictionary, заботить means "to worry", but заботиться, with prepositions "o" means "to take care of".

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