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"Ustedes me estaban dando más dinero."

Translation:You were giving me more money.

January 23, 2013



Anyone else think it sounds like "mal dinero" in the audio?


In the first one, the actionis not complete, whereas in the second it is. Let me get some context for you:

1 Ustedes me estaban dando más dinero cuando entró el atracador

1 You were giving me more money, when the robber came in

2 Ustedes me estuvieron dando mas dinero durante el primer trimestre y ahora no quiero devolverlo 2 You were giving me more money during the first forth and now I don't want to give it back

Both actions are in the past. in case 1 it is not completed when another action occurs, in 2 the action precedes (or follows ) another action in the past, or present and it has been completed.


Overall, I'm trying to rely less on the turtle button, however...

Turtle speed: Ustedes me estaban dando mas dinero.

Normal speed: Ustedes dabandando mas dinero.


Wouldn't "Ustedes me daban más dinero." also mean "You were giving me more money."? Is the addition of estar necessary?


why did you stop giving me more more if you were giving so much money before? you know very well that i need the money and you don't need it because you were giving it to me.

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