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"Ustedes me estaban dando más dinero."

Translation:You were giving me more money.

5 years ago



In the first one, the actionis not complete, whereas in the second it is. Let me get some context for you:

1 Ustedes me estaban dando más dinero cuando entró el atracador

1 You were giving me more money, when the robber came in

2 Ustedes me estuvieron dando mas dinero durante el primer trimestre y ahora no quiero devolverlo 2 You were giving me more money during the first forth and now I don't want to give it back

Both actions are in the past. in case 1 it is not completed when another action occurs, in 2 the action precedes (or follows ) another action in the past, or present and it has been completed.

5 years ago

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Overall, I'm trying to rely less on the turtle button, however...

Turtle speed: Ustedes me estaban dando mas dinero.

Normal speed: Ustedes dabandando mas dinero.

3 years ago


Wouldn't "Ustedes me daban más dinero." also mean "You were giving me more money."? Is the addition of estar necessary?

1 month ago