"Yerimiz var."

Translation:We have room.

April 18, 2016

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Why "yerimiz" ? Can we say "oda bizde" too ?


Yerimiz may mean vacancy in the context of hotels, restaurants and similar places where a booking is involved. In other contexts it may mean just space. So the english translation is indeed a bit too specific, I wonder what other alternatives does this question accept.

Oda bizde doesn't really work. If the English sentence had been something like "We have the room" then yes, it could have, as the room becomes definite.


The English sentence is "we have room", (as opposed to we have a room), where "room" is used as an uncountable noun. Therefore, it is to be understood as "free space", rather than an actual "room" in a building. I'd say the given Turkish sentence is pretty good for it.


I agree, but the original sentence is the turkish one and it does not mention a room, a table, a vacancy in a French class, a seat in a movie theater or anything where you can book a reservation. So I was wondering if something like "we have a free seat" would also be an acceptable translation. I agree with you that turkish translation for "we have room" is good, but the course takers are expected to make a translation from the turkish sentence where the translation has a potential to vary wildly depending on what the context of "yer" is.


Ah. I see your point.

I've just checked. The accepted translations are:

"We have (got) [a/the place / (some/the) space / (some/the) room]"


Oh, so you are a course contributor?! Good to know! Place and space are good additions.


I can imagine this to be used in the context of a plane, for example, where one needs some space/room for legs... Would this be an appropriate context?


I wrote we have the place, it wasn't accepted


No I think the correct translation should be WE HAVE SPACE.


I wrote, "we have space" and it was accepted without any warnings.


Thank you for this clear explanation ! In french, we often use "place" in that context... and we also can say "nous avons des chambres" = "biz oda var".


We have our place Why not this ?


It just doesn't make grammatical sense in English :/


In a preceding sentence "odada hiƧ yer yok" yer means place but sometimes it means eats. Could this sentence also means" he never eats in the room ?"


Yer means eat ..how it is space


Yer as a noun means space Yemek is the verb to eat and yer is the 3rd singular form of present simple tense So if it is the verb it is always located at the end of the sentence :) I hope this would help


Couldn't it be just "there is place"?


I wrote: yerimi var. It was rated correct. This happens often.

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