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Almost finished with my tree

Hello everyone,

I'm almost finished with my Polish tree and I'm planning to go on with a proper grammar book (and maybe an exercise book) while I continue strengthening skills here. I'm also going to start taking private lessons in a couple of weeks. Do you have some good books to recommend me? And if you have any other suggestions, you're more than welcome to write down below. :)

I will be visiting Poland for work in June for 9 days and then as a tourist in September for 15 days. So I want to make the best of my time until then. :)

Z góry dziękuję!

EDIT: Aaand.... Yes!

April 18, 2016



Thank you! I had already heard it from some people so I will definitely give it a try!


I have "Hurra!!! Discovering Polish: A Learner's Grammar" and it's awesome.


Just saw that you have finished the tree since yesterday. Well done :)


Congratulations! :)


Teşekkür ederim. :)


Congratulations! Try here: http://polskikrokpokroku.pl/ They have excellent materials and there's also an e-platform to go with it. You can choose the things you want, like vocabulary revision (which I think you get free for one year if you buy a book). If you have someone who can help you, the games and speaking activities pack is very good!


Ile Ci zostało do końca?


Właśnie skończyłam drzewo :)


Super. Mam nadzieję, że drzewko utrzymujesz złote cały czas :)


Też mam taką nadzieję :)

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