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"Le garçon mange des petites fraises roses."

January 23, 2013



Doesn't des change to de when it is followed by an adjective and then a noun, as in de petites fraises?


I think it doesn't change to de because strawberries are countable objects.


I very nearly thought this was "little fresh roses"... but thought why would he eat roses?


I also agree that here it should be "de", given that it is followed by an adjective and it is not possessive. I reckon it may have something to do with the verb "manger"!


This is BS - surely in this context 'fraises roses' could translate to 'red strawberries' - not just pink or rose strawberries. FYI - I have never heard of anyone eating a rose strawberry in my life. And a pink one?! Come awn, we all know they're as red as the heart I lost on this BS question.


Some people could look at strawberries and think them a deep rose color. What's the difference. It's all in the learning of new words.

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