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How do you do a Reverse Tree?

Hi everyone!

I'm not at this stage yet, but I've heard about the Reverse Tree, and I would like to do it when I'm done my Spanish Tree. For those of you who don't know, a Reverse Tree is where you finish your tree, and then you take the tree again, but you learn English from Spanish. (Of course, not everyone is doing Spanish, but I just used that as an example.)

This seems like a great way of learning new things, and to really test your language skills. But here is my question: How do you do a Reverse Tree? Do you reset your Duolingo language to Spanish, or is there a special button/setting?

Thanks to everyone who replies (in a helpful way) and I hope your journey along Duolingo is just as fun as mine is to me. :)

April 19, 2016



The best part of the reverse tree? You must write all those answers in your target language instead of in your native language. This will teach you all that grammar you thought you were going to learn with the regular tree.

And yes, you set your language to Spanish as Sergio demonstrates, and then you select learn English. Afterwards, you will not be able to see your old tree until you again change your language back to English but no worries, everything will be there waiting for you just as you left it.


I see the U.S. flag symbol amongst some users' buttons -- the ones that are displayed to the right of their names on these posts. Since an English for English speakers course doesn't appear to be an option (although, that might be a really good idea, all posts considered!), I am assuming that the display of that U.S. flag indicates the person is doing a reverse course (or is not a native English speaker). If you decided to do more than one reverse course, does more than one U.S. flag symbol appear? How does that all work?


Only one US flag appears. Suerte!


Yeah, that's the part that freaked me out, not seeing my Spanish tree.


Impressive streak! I have just begun the reverse tree today and decided to search other who are or have done the same. Kudos!


Cool! Thanks for all your help! I can't wait to try it when I'm done my Spanish Tree. :)


Afterwards, you will not be able to see your old tree until you again change your language back to English but no worries, everything will be there waiting for you just as you left it.

thank you for that, that's what I was worried. very reasuring. I will definitely do this. I have found that Duolingo blasts any other way of learning languages when starting out, the reason why? beause it lets you go as fast as you can, and that seems to be the key to getting language aquisition. So now I'm going to cross-learn between second languages. e.g. with English as the first language I move on to Spanish-German and German-Spanish. Duolingo breaks the mould of language learning.


thanks!!! this helps alot xxx


Yes that is what you do.

If you try it you will find that it looks like all your progress on languages has gone where english was the base language , it hasn't but it is hidden.

To get it back you have to go back inot selecting a course and actually pick Spanish from english again then, hey presto everything is back again. Just thought i would let you know becaue it really freaked me out the first time it happened.


Freaked out - exactly.


Thanks for the heads up :) I'm with you, I would totally freak out


I tried the reverse tree, briefly, but am somewhat technically challenged, and worried I couldn't get back to my Spanish tree, so I dropped it. Perhaps my confidence level will rise and I'll give it another shot.


Just take all of the suggestions that people are leaving here, in the comments. And if you're still too nervous (which I completely understand) just make another account! :D


You can do it! :D


Seems to me you could create a second account and do your reverse tree there. Then you could still keep your skills up on the original tree.


All you have to do to switch between trees is to click on the little circle flag emblem on the upper left corner under the Home tab, then click on the statement that applies to the other tree.


I think I have a tendency to make all things complicated! Thanks for the explanation.


To change from your Reverse Tree of Spanish Learning English, click on "Quiero aprender Inglés (hablo español)" . Then click "Guardar cambios" (Save changes). To change from your Original Tree to Reverse Tree, Click on "I want to learn Spanish (I know English)", then click "Save changes". It's much simpler to do than to explain.


Configuration -> Language -> "Quiero aprender inglés (yo se español)"


Thanks! :D I can't wait to try it when I'm done my Spanish tree!


It's awesome. I'm doing it for Russian right now and it's really helping me

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