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"Кожний учитель має десять студентів."

Translation:Every teacher has ten students.

April 19, 2016



The leather teacher has 10 students hahaha

[deactivated user]

    That would be «Шкіряни́й учи́тель ма́є де́сять студе́нтів».

    But overall, this sentence is strange because студе́нт is usually used for higher educations institutions, a student in the school is у́чень. And учи́тель is normally used for schools, a professor in the higher educations institutions is виклада́ч.


    Не кожний, а кожен


    Would it be possible to use "U kozhnoho uchytelya desyat' studentiv." in this context? Is there a contextual or semantic difference? My impression has so far been that the praepositional form for possession tends to predominate, so I find it interesting to see the verb "to have" here.


    Yes, you may use it in the exact same way as this exercise. You may want to include "є [ye]."

    "У... учителя є..."

    "U...uchytelya ye..."

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