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  5. "De hoed."

"De hoed."

Translation:The hat.

April 19, 2016



The pronunciation of hoed is maybe not the best?


Absolutely agree. It sounds like an "r" and not a "h".


What is the difference in pronunciation between 'hoed' and 'goed'?


The difference is in the 'g' and the 'h': the 'h' sounds just like in English, as a soft aspiration. And the 'g', even if similar, sounds harder, like the 'ch' in 'nacht' or the Spanish 'jota'.

If you know anything about phonetics/phonology, you could compare both phonemes (although I'm not an expert in Dutch phonetics/phonology): while the 'h' is a voiceless glottal fricative (which means that it's articulated lower, by narrowing your vocal folds I think), the 'g' is velar, which means that it's articulated higher, by putting the back part of your tongue almost completely up but without touching your soft palate/velum.

Now, on a more technical note: the 'g' is supposed to be voiced, your vocal folds in theory should vibrate, as when you make the 'm' sound or the 'd' sound. Honestly, I haven't been able to achieve this. I've discussed this with my Dutch tutor (who is a native speaker and has an MA in Dutch, so she studied the phonetics and phonology of Dutch at University), and, while telling me that the theory says that the 'g' is voiced, she said that the vibration of the vocal folds is much milder than when producing other voiced phonemes, which is probably the reason why I couldn't perceive its 'voice'.

In contrast, the 'ch' is a voiceless velar fricative (same point of articulation as the 'g', but without voice, without vibration of the vocal folds).

Even if this video is for another language, the guy deals with similar phonemes, so I thought you could find it helpful (I know I did!): https://youtu.be/HUKB4LxaRxw

Hope this helps!


Note that the g is not voiced in all dialects, and in much of the Netherlands in particular it's often voiceless in all contexts. Also, the standard Dutch h is technically not the same as the English h - in Dutch it is /ɦ/, which is a breathy-voiced glottal fricative


Thanks, hrotha! Great info! I always enjoy learning new things :)


Have a look at this website: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html

Just search for hoed and goed


There is an unmistakeable sibilance at the end of the word "hoed." And THAT is an S. Further, as pronounced, the initial consonant is an R.


I know i keep getting this right but it keeps saying that it doesnt sound right.

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