"Myślisz, że ona jest spragniona?"

Translation:Do you think that she is thirsty?

April 19, 2016

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Can someone suggest a source to check Polish word origin? "Spragniona" made me curious.


Its origin is the verb pragnąć (to desire, to long for) or the noun pragnienie (desire, but it also means thirst).

Cognates include Ukrainian прагнути/prahnuty (to desire, to long for) and прагнення/prahnennia (desire, wish) and Czech prahnout (to yearn), Belarusian прага/praha (desire, thirst). Their common origin is the reconstructed Proto-Slavic verb *pragnǫti, which possibly originates from the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European *preg- (to yearn, to covet).


And спрага is "thirst" in Ukrainian


I thought in Polish it is better to say 'myślisz, ze ona chce cos do picia?'. Because spragniona could have an alternative meaning. Can someone confirm what would be the best sentence constuction


„Ona jest spragniona” is perfectly fine sentence. It might mean that she is in some degree dehydrated and needs to drink something to satisfy the basic biological needs. It could also be used various figurative contexts, like „spragniona rozrywki.”

„Chce coś do picia” means "wants something to drink". It can be more indirect way to express the above, but it doesn't automatically imply the literal thirst. She might simply want to drink something because she likes the taste.


Why can't it be: "You are thinking that she is thirsty?" ?


The speaker needs to put a bit more stress on the sz at the end of myslisz


It sounds pretty clear to me...


The sentence "Myslisz, że ona jest spragniona" sounds very suggestive. It uses
the... figurative and somewhat "poetic" meaning of the word "spragniona" and
the English translation uses completely different, literal meaning of the word.

  • Myślisz, że ona jest spragniona/żądna seksu/miłości/wiedzy/sławy? -
    Do you think that she strongly desires sex/love/ knowledge/ fame?/
    Do you think she is sultry/hot/hungry for sex/love/knowledge/fame?

  • Myślisz, że chce jej się pić?/Myślisz, że ma pragnienie/ Myślisz, że chce
    czegoś do picia?/Myślisz, że (ona) chce pić - Do you think she is thirsty?


„Spragniona” can still be used literally to mean "wanting to drink". This is the first time I see „mieć pragnienie” used in that sense, but I'm not going to argue with that.


do poles use this verb figuratively?


It's possible, but I don't feel it's very common.


i didn't mean the verb of course... i meant the "spragniona" word. But i think you got me

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