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"Aspettiamo che lei ci indichi la strada."

Translation:We wait for her to point out the street to us.

January 15, 2014



Why is"Aspettiamo che lei ci indichi la strada." not accepted as "we expect that she shows us the street" when "Aspetto che lui scriva la risposta." is accepted as "I expect him to write the answer." ? I realise that "aspettarsi" is the reflexive, but don't see the difference between the two sentences.


aspettiamo here is not reflexive it simply means "we are waiting" present indicative.Literally this sentence means "we are waiting that she to us indicate (present subjunctive) the street". Or in correct English to convey the mean "we are waiting for her to point out the way to us".


You've nailed this one. Their other answer is not congruent with their answer here. I keep having to remind myself that this is all gratis, thank you DL, but this grows tiresome at times.


why is the "ci" gone in the translation?


Does anybody else want to write "We expect that she SHOW us the way" ? Possibly a rare example of an English sentence that requires the subjunctive?


"We wait for her to point the street out to us" is not accepted but "we wait for her to point out the street to us" is? Why?


It is just that you have separated the words "point" and "out" and Duo has not yet put that particular word order in the list of correct answers. You need to report any answers that you are sure are correct to get them included in the list of correct answers.


Well, this still hasn't been fixed. I just reported now, Jan2018


Perché è sempre una strada che si indica su Duolingo? Non ci sono delle altre cose da indicare?


Can it also be "we are hoping that she points out the street to us"


Not really. aspettare means to wait for, not to hope.



what is that for language. do you suddenly skip the s ending in 3rd singular person? Usually you use -s in 3rd person singular in the english language except in american english.


I am not sure what sentence you are referring to but if using the subjunctive in English (not often used I agree) then third person singular verb does not have the -s at the end that is present in the indicative present.


"We hope that she tells us the street". Why is this wrong?


aspettare does not mean "to hope" and indicare does not really mean "to tell" (in this context indicare would probably involve some sort of physical indication like pointing)




I think that I could live a long lifetime in Italy and never say this sentence.


Can this also be translated as"We expect her to point out the street to us?" DL counted this as wrong.


Raimundo474613: I agree, although I'm not a native speaker. "We expect" and "We wait (for)" = "aspettarsi"


We wait for her to show us the street - was accepted :))). It made me real happy because the word "indicare" keeps bugging me each time it shows up. Thanks DL!


Could "ci" and "indichi" be contracted as "c'indichi"? If not, is there a good resource explaining the rules of contraction in Italian?

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