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  5. "Míonna nó blianta."

"Míonna blianta."

Translation:Months or years.

April 19, 2016



Why is it blianta and not bliana? I'm pretty sure I got "bliana" for "years" in another sentence


The plural of bliain is blianta.

Normally, you use the singular after a number, but there a few nouns that take a plural form after a number, and in the case of bliain, that plural form is bliana.


Oh got it! I guess I will only be able to fully understand it more down the road. Thank you so much


Isn't "nó" pronounced like the English word "no?" It sounds like "new" on this.


In Connacht Irish (and Munster?) it's generally pronounced instead of .

That's because ó is becoming ú after nasal consonants ( is pronounced in Connacht, for example)


What are nasal consonants?


A consonant pronounced with a lowered velum, which allows air to go through the nose. In Irish it's generally represented by <m> and <n> and <ng>, though <nd> and <nc> can represent different nasals.


In broad terms, it's pronounce like "no" in Munster Irish , "nu" in Connacht Irish and "naw" in Ulster Irish.


Does it ever tell how to pronounce these? I have a hard time remembering words that I can't pronounce in the first place. :(


Could anyone help out with the pronunciation of "mionna". When I search for it using forvo, teanglann, or focloir.ie it doesn't come up with anything. Though, I think the latter tried to say it was a curse word....

EDIT: For those of you struggling with this, too: http://www.bitesize.irish/inirish/917


You can check out abair.ie too, but in this case, it can be said that "míonna" is pronounced pretty much as written, just "mí" with a standard "anna" plural ending (the onna rather than anna doesn't change the pronunciation.

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    Until I get the hang of this language? Definitely the second.

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