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what after finishing all the course in DUOLINGO ?

i was using duoling just for a week , i liked very much , but i am wondering if i have finished all the courses after one month or two , well i be able to speak and understand let's say 50 % percent of this language ?? if anyone have thoughts or advises about this subject please tell me ,,

April 19, 2016



I have finished the Turkish course. After that I started the English from Turkish course. It has been very useful, and I've learned a lot more about Turkish. I have been listening to the podcasts from Turkish Tea Time to improve my listening. They are very good. I have also been doing more listening practice with Lyrics Training. It's really fun, but I don't know if it's effective. I read a Turkish newspaper from time to time (very difficult). I learn more vocabulary on Memrise. I found a language exchange partner to write to (not a success). Although Duolingo teaches a lot, you need to find other materials to study. You also need to find a way to use the language. I still feel that I am not learning as much as I should. I will finish my reverse tree in about a month, and then I don't know what I will do to improve.


Im sorry, can you tell me, how many levels duo lingo has on turkish?? And how long do you think will it take, to get them through if I decide to practise 20 minutes every day and already have some basic skills?


may be the best way is to to interact with turkish people and have some friends


I don't know how it would go with the Turkish tree but I've just finished my Polish tree and I still have so much difficulty understanding people who speak the language, even though I can understand the language more in written form (news outlets, things written by my friends on Facebook etc.). I think one would need supplementary materials even before finishing the Duolingo tree. But again, everyone is different, so you may be more successful than me in learning languages and make better use of Duolingo than me. :)


duolinggo is not a complete course, you need to learn from another source like grammar, I'm starting to learn turkish grammar, it's very special, it's agglutinative language, different than indo-european language family


The website clozemaster.com is very similar to Duolingo but is targeted towards more advanced learning. The Youtube channel EasyLanguages has a lot of good real world interviews in tons of different languages. I would try these 2 resources out, they'v been very helpful for me.


I was just looking for a website like clozemaster.com for my Polish! Thank you :)

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